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Welcome to the worlds first MILITARY 6 PACK.
Filmmakers Steven C Barber, Matthew Hausle and Tamara Henry have travelled around the globe to bring you 6 military movies that inspire, make a difference and that have spurred Congressional Legislation to locate and repatriate US MARINES from WW 2.

The top entertainment professionals in the world from Kelsey Grammer, Josh Brolin,
Dan Aykroyd, Joe Mantegna, Ed Harris and John Savage,
have all given there time and money to these amazing Oscar shortlisted and qualified films.

Music legends Clint Black, Ed Mccain and John Mellencamp have also given there time and songs to these one of a kind Military inspirational films.

Please enjoy these 6 timeless classics of the men and women who served America with with a relentless Patriotism of the United Sates Armed Forces. 


Return To Tarawa

The Carrier

Until They Are Home

Return To The Philippines

Never Surrender



10% of all profits from The Military 6 Pack will go to Wounded Warriors and other Veterans Organizations, and much more information can be found at &